Day Trip from Amsterdam to Cologne with Private Driver

Join our exclusive 10-hour private tour to Cologne, Germany, with a personal chauffeur. Explore historic landmarks like the Cologne Cathedral, enjoy scenic Rhine River views, and indulge in local cuisine. Ideal for those seeking an intimate cultural journey in one of Germany’s most iconic cities. Book now for an unparalleled Cologne experience!

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  • ⌛ Duration: 10 hour(s)
  • 🚙 Premium Vehicle
  • 💳 Secure payment
  • 📍 Pickup & Drop-off
  • 🔒 Private group
  • Cologne Cathedral: See the famous big church.
  • Old Town: Walk and shop in old streets.
  • Rhine River Views: Look at the river views.
  • Museum Ludwig: Check out modern art.
  • Chocolate Museum: Have fun with chocolate.
  • Local Food: Try Kölsch beer and German food.
  • Christmas Market (Seasonal): Visit the festive market.
  • Christmas Circus (Seasonal): Watch fun shows.
  • Experienced Driver: Enjoy the expertise of a professional chauffeur.
  • Private Transport: Ride in a luxury Mercedes with air conditioning.
  • WIFI & Water: Stay connected and hydrated with onboard WiFi and bottled water.
  • Hotel Service: Convenient pick-up and drop-off at your Amsterdam hotel.
  • Local Delights: Optional purchase of local delights
  • Phone Number: Required for driver communication.
  • Flight Number: Needed for airport transfer to monitor your arrival time.
  • Hotel Address: Always include the full hotel address for pickup.
  • Pickup Address: Provide the complete address for a seamless pickup.

Cologne Discovery: 10-hour Private Daytrip with Chauffeur

Discover Cologne, Germany’s cultural gem, on a special 10-hour tour with your own private driver. The journey from Amsterdam to Cologne takes about 3 hours. Spending 4 hours in Cologne is enough to explore the highlights of this wonderful city. This custom tour is perfect for anyone wanting to really see what Cologne is all about, mixing its rich history with its lively present.

Highlights of the city:

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Be amazed by this stunning Gothic church, a UNESCO World Heritage site that shows how important Cologne has been through history.

Old Town Exploration

Walk through the Old Town’s lovely streets, filled with history, shops, and tasty local food.

Rhine River Views

Take in the beautiful views along the Rhine River, which is central to Cologne’s culture and economy.

Museum Ludwig

See an amazing collection of modern art, including works by Picasso and other modern artists.

Chocolate Museum (Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum)

A must-see; how often do you get the chance to visit a museum where you can dip waffles in a chocolate fountain?

Culinary Delights

Try Cologne’s unique food and drink, like the traditional Kölsch beer and German dishes. And that included more that Bier und Bratwurst!

Are you planning a visit in December? The Christmas Market is worth the while, next to the Cologne Cathedral. Do you like acrobatic performances and funny clowns? Then visit the Christmas circus (Weihnachtszirkus).

Tickets for these highlights are not included – they are just suggestions to help you decide on what you want to do or see in Cologne. Of course we can book tickets upfront for you, but you are welcome to discover the city at your own pace. Your driver is always near to assist you.

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4 reviews for Day Trip from Amsterdam to Cologne with Private Driver

  1. Isla Fisher (verified owner)

    We appreciated the flexibility of our private tour, which allowed us to tailor the experience to our interests and preferences, ensuring a truly personalized and enjoyable day.

  2. Sophia Martinez (verified owner)

    Loved our tour! The guide was friendly and the sights were unforgettable.

  3. Madison Brown (verified owner)

    Every moment of our private tour was filled with fascinating insights and memorable anecdotes, making it an enriching and enjoyable exploration of the city.

  4. Fatima Zahra (verified owner)

    Our private tour was the epitome of relaxation and enlightenment. The pace was perfect, allowing us to truly absorb each site’s history and significance. We highly recommend it for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the area.

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Day Trip from Amsterdam to Cologne with Private Driver
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