From Amsterdam to the Keukenhof Gardens – A Private Tour

Take a private day trip from Amsterdam to see Holland’s beautiful tulip fields. Visit Keukenhof, one of the biggest flower gardens in the world. Learn how tulips are grown and take a guided tour. This trip is great for anyone who loves taking photos and enjoying nature. Enjoy a comfortable ride in your own car. Come see the colorful tulips that make Holland famous. Book your special trip now!

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  • āŒ› Duration: 5 hour(s)
  • šŸš™ Premium Vehicle
  • šŸ’³ Secure payment
  • šŸ“ Pickup & Drop-off
  • šŸ”’ Private group
  • Flower Shows: Explore vast tulip fields.
  • Souvenirs:Ā Optional local floral souvenirs
  • Garden Art: Beautiful flower art in the gardens
  • Photo Spots: Capture memorable moments.
  • Historic Windmill: The most photographed windmill in The Netherlands
  • Luxury Ride: Travel in style with a suited chauffeur.
  • Experienced Driver: Enjoy the expertise of a professional chauffeur.
  • Private Transport: Ride in a luxury Mercedes with air conditioning.
  • WIFI & Water: Stay connected and hydrated with onboard WiFi and bottled water.
  • Hotel Service: Convenient pick-up and drop-off at your Amsterdam hotel.
  • Local Souvenirs: Optional purchase of unique floral souvenirs.
  • Phone Number: Required for driver communication.
  • Flight Number: Needed for airport transfer to monitor your arrival time.
  • Hotel Address: Always include the full hotel address for pickup.
  • Pickup Address: Provide the complete address for a seamless pickup.

Keukenhof Unfolded: a 5-hour Tour with Private Chauffeur

Immerse yourself in the vibrant splendor of Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden. Your personal chauffeur picks you up from your Amsterdam hotel and takes you to Keukenhof. Enjoy the views of typical dutch landscapes, with tulip fields in all the colours of the rainbow. Explore this famous Dutch floral paradise, renowned for its breathtaking tulip displays and stunning garden landscapes.

Keukenhof is opened from March 21st (beginning of spring) till approximately May 15th.

Highlights of Keukenhof:

Tulip Fields

Every autumn, more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted, which start blooming in the spring for about 8 weeks. The spectacular array of colors in Keukenhof’s renowned tulip fields are a true feast for the eyes.

Flower Shows

In over 20 flower shows, 500 flower growers present cut flowers and potted plants in all their variety. Experience the dazzling variety of flower shows, showcasing not just tulips, but also hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, and more.

Themed Gardens & Garden Art

Wander through beautifully themed gardens, each offering a unique horticultural adventure and endless photographic opportunities.

Historic Windmill

Visit the iconic Dutch windmill (1892) in Keukenhof for a touch of traditional charm. This windmill is probably the most photographed windmill in The Netherlands!

There are multiple restaurants located on-site, so you can enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee and traditional Dutch apple pie while you rest your feet. On this tour you’ll have about 3 hours to enjoy Keukenhof.

The Keukenhof is a must-see for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a serene escape into a world of floral wonder. Your driver is always near to assist you.

More short trips with private driver available

If you don’t have much time, but do want to experience the natural beauty of the greater Amsterdam area, you can also book a tour to Zaanse Schans orĀ Volendam.

4 reviews for From Amsterdam to the Keukenhof Gardens – A Private Tour

  1. Benjamin Clark (verified owner)

    What an amazing day out on our private tour. From the seamless pickup to the thoughtful itinerary, everything was arranged to ensure we had a hassle-free and enriching experience.

  2. Logan Smith (verified owner)

    The personalized itinerary of our private tour allowed us to delve deep into the aspects of the city that interested us most, creating a truly tailored experience.

  3. Sophia Martinez (verified owner)

    We appreciated the flexibility of our private tour, which allowed us to linger at places of interest and skip those that didn’t capture our attention.

  4. Olivia King (verified owner)

    The attention to detail on our private tour was remarkable, with our guide seamlessly weaving together the past and present to give us a comprehensive understanding of the city.

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From Amsterdam to the Keukenhof Gardens – A Private Tour
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