Private Tour to Giethoorn from Amsterdam: Exclusive Day Trip

Travel in comfort and style with our private luxury car tour to Giethoorn, the ‘Dutch Venice.’ From Amsterdam, let our professional driver take you to a world of serene canals and picturesque scenery. Choose to explore the charming village by boat or on foot and make the most of your exclusive getaway

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  • ⌛ Duration: 5 hour(s)
  • 🚙 Premium Vehicle
  • 💳 Secure payment
  • 📍 Pickup & Drop-off
  • 🔒 Private group
  • Private Canal Cruise: Explore Giethoorn your own private boat
  • Beautiful paths: Walk on peaceful paths in Giethoorn and see beautiful views.
  • Dutch Culinary Delights: Taste local dishes at a cozy village eatery.
  • Photography Opportunities: Capture the unique beauty of the village
  • Tickets & Assistance: Plan your visit with flexibility
  • Experienced Driver: Enjoy the expertise of a professional chauffeur.
  • Private Transport: Ride in a luxury Mercedes with air conditioning.
  • WIFI & Water: Stay connected and hydrated with onboard WiFi and bottled water.
  • Hotel Service: Convenient pick-up and drop-off at your Amsterdam hotel.
  • Local Delights: Optional purchase of local delights
  • Phone Number: Required for driver communication.
  • Flight Number: Needed for airport transfer to monitor your arrival time.
  • Hotel Address: Always include the full hotel address for pickup.
  • Pickup Address: Provide the complete address for a seamless pickup.

Nested in an idyllic setting where tranquility meets nature, Giethoorn is a picturesque village that charms visitors with its unique characteristics. Often referred to as the “Dutch Venice,” the village is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, where the only modes of transport are sailing, walking, or cycling. Its peaceful canals, quaint wooden bridges, and beautifully maintained thatched-roof cottages create a fairytale-like atmosphere that feels almost timeless.

Visitors seeking a memorable experience can indulge in the offerings of Giethoorn. Whether opting for a leisurely boat tour along the winding waterways or staying in a charming holiday chalet, the village promises a blend of relaxation and exploration. With opportunities to connect with nature or enjoy the comfort of well-appointed accommodations, Giethoorn provides an exceptional setting for both adventure and contemplation.

Tour Highlights:

Canal Cruise:

  • Sail through Giethoorn on a private boat tour.
  • Be your own captain and absorb the serenity of the canals.
  • Admire thatched-roof cottages along the waterways.

Walk the Village:

  • Stroll through the peaceful pathways of Giethoorn.
  • Enjoy the tranquil environment and stunning pastoral scenes.

Culinary Delights:

  • Indulge in authentic Dutch cuisine at a local eatery.

Photography Spots:

  • Find numerous scenes to photograph in this unique landscape.
  • Capture bridges, waterways, and historic rural architecture.

Tickets & Assistance:

  • Organize your activities freely; tickets and itinerary suggestions available.
  • Private driver on standby for convenience and support.

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  • Explore the timeless beauty of Zaanse Schans.
  • Visit Bruges for an extended day trip into Belgium.

Morning, Afternoon


  • Pickup Location: Amsterdam
  • Travel to Giethoorn (1.5 hours drive)
  • Main Activities in Giethoorn
    • Boat Cruise: Explore the canals of Giethoorn (1 hours).
    • Lunch: Enjoy a meal in Giethoorn (1 hour).
    • Free Time and Sightseeing: Discover more of Giethoorn on your own (1 hour).
  • Return Travel to Amsterdam (1.5 hours drive)
  • Arrive Back At: Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some recommended activities to do in Giethoorn?

When in Giethoorn, activities flourish, particularly around its waterways:

  • Boat tours: Explore the canals by joining a guided tour or renting a boat.
  • Museum De Oude Aarde: Showcases an impressive collection of gemstones.
  • Walking and cycling: Numerous paths to enjoy the scenic village.

Can you describe the history and cultural significance of Giethoorn?

Giethoorn holds a significant place in Dutch culture, with origins dating back to the 13th century when fugitive Mediterraneans settled there. Its cultural landscape shaped by peat bogging and the creation of canals, has led to the nickname “Dutch Venice.” Traditional thatched-roof houses add to its historical charm.

What are the best times of the year to visit Giethoorn for tourism?

The best time to visit Giethoorn for optimal weather and experience is between May and September:

  • Springs and Summers: Ideal for outdoor activities and boat tours.
  • Autumn and Winter: Less crowded but with limited boat rental availability.

What options are available for boat tours in Giethoorn?

Boat tours range from self-guided to tour-guided experiences:

  • Whisper boats: Electric boats that are silent and eco-friendly.
  • Punter: Traditional flat-bottomed boats steered with a pole.
  • Canal cruises: Guided tours providing insights into the village’s history.

What are the unique features that make Giethoorn a special destination?

Giethoorn is unique for its lack of roads in the old village center, its extensive network of canals, and its picturesque landscape with quaint bridges and traditional Dutch architecture. Its tranquility and connection to nature make it a unique European destination.

4 reviews for Private Tour to Giethoorn from Amsterdam: Exclusive Day Trip

  1. Jessica Williams (verified owner)

    Our guide’s enthusiasm and expertise made our private tour an unforgettable experience, leaving us with a newfound appreciation for the city and its rich cultural heritage.

  2. Nora Hansen (verified owner)

    Our private tour was a true feast for the senses, with each stop offering something new to see, taste, and experience.

  3. Alexander Taylor (verified owner)

    Loved the flexibility of our private tour. Great experience!

  4. James Wilson (verified owner)

    The seamless organization of our private tour meant that we could relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about logistics or planning.

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Private Tour to Giethoorn from Amsterdam: Exclusive Day Trip
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