Private Tour Amsterdam to Ghent

Take a 10-hour private day trip to Ghent from Amsterdam. Visit medieval castles and stunning Gothic cathedrals, and stroll along beautiful canals. Enjoy authentic Belgian cuisine in one of Belgium’s most charming cities. This tour is perfect for anyone who loves history, architecture, and food. Book now for a unique experience exploring Ghent’s rich culture and culinary delights.

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  • āŒ› Duration: 10 hour(s)
  • šŸš™ Premium Vehicle
  • šŸ’³ Secure payment
  • šŸ“ Pickup & Drop-off
  • šŸ”’ Private group
  • Gravensteen Castle: Explore the 12th-century fortress with stunning city views.
  • Belfry & Cloth Hall: Visit the historic symbol of Ghentā€™s prosperity and independence.
  • St. Bavo’s Cathedral: Marvel at the Gothic architecture and the famous Ghent Altarpiece.
  • Historic City Center: Walk through medieval streets and see the Graslei and Korenlei.
  • Boat Trip on the Canals: Enjoy the scenic canals and take beautiful photos.
  • Belgian Culinary Delights: Taste local specialties and famous Belgian chocolates.
  • Experienced Driver: Enjoy the expertise of a professional chauffeur.
  • Private Transport: Ride in a luxury Mercedes with air conditioning.
  • WIFI & Water: Stay connected and hydrated with onboard WiFi and bottled water.
  • Hotel Service: Convenient pick-up and drop-off at your Amsterdam hotel.
  • Local Delights: Optional purchase of local delights
  • Phone Number: Required for driver communication.
  • Flight Number: Needed for airport transfer to monitor your arrival time.
  • Hotel Address: Always include the full hotel address for pickup.
  • Pickup Address: Provide the complete address for a seamless pickup.

Delve into the historic grandeur of Ghent, a hidden gem in Belgium’s crown. It is not as city-like as Brussels or Antwerp, and less like an open air museum as Bruges is. This journey uncovers the charm and splendor of a city where medieval architecture meets contemporary life, complete with the luxury of a private driver.

Your private driver will pick you up at your hotel andĀ take you comfortably from Amsterdam to Ghent in approximately 3 hours.

Highlights of the city include:

Gravensteen Castle – Defending the CityĀ 

Step back in time at this imposing 12th-century fortress, offering a glimpse into medieval life and breathtaking city views.

Belfry & Cloth Hall (Belfort toren/Lakenhalle) – Symbol of Prosperity and Independence

The more than 700 years old Belfry tower (UNESCO world heritage) is the middle tower of the famous Ghent tower row, together with Saint Nicholas’ Church and Saint Bavo’s Cathedral. Next to the belfry is the Ghent Cloth Hall.

St. Bavo’s Cathedral – Jaw-Dropping ArchitectureĀ 

Be awestruck by the majestic beauty of this Gothic cathedral, home to the world-famous Ghent Altarpiece.

Historic City Center – Strolling Through Time

Wander through enchanting streets lined with well-preserved medieval buildings, reflecting centuries of rich history and culture. Don’t forget to visit the Graslei and the Korenlei.

Boattrip Riverside Promenade – Boating On The Canals

Experience the picturesque beauty of Ghent from its canals, a perfect backdrop for memorable photos and serene moments.

Belgian Culinary Delights – For the Love of Chocolate

Indulge in local flavors with a taste of authentic Belgian cuisine, including Ghent’s specialty dishes and renowned chocolates.

You will have about 4 hours to get acquainted with this lovely city, after which your driver will bring you back to Amsterdam. This tour is tailored for those who seek to uncover the soul of a city through its history, art, and culinary heritage.

Tickets for these highlights are not included – they are just suggestions to help you decide on what you want to do or see in Ghent. Of course we can book tickets upfront for you, but you are welcome to discover the city at your own pace. Your driver is always near to assist you.

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4 reviews for Private Tour Amsterdam to Ghent

  1. Fatima Zahra (verified owner)

    The guide made our private tour special with personalized touches.

  2. James Wilson (verified owner)

    Our guide’s infectious enthusiasm brought the city to life on our private tour, infusing each moment with energy and excitement.

  3. Ryan Lee (verified owner)

    The intimate atmosphere of our private tour allowed for meaningful interactions with our guide and fellow travelers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared discovery.

  4. Emma Rodriguez (verified owner)

    We felt like VIPs on our private tour, with our guide providing impeccable service and insider access to some of the city’s most exclusive sites.

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Private Tour Amsterdam to Ghent
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